Temporary Staffing

AmeriStaff’s Temporary Staffing Plan is highly flexible. We can send you one or hundreds of employees for a day, a week, a month or years. With our experience evaluating candidates and our network of resources, AmeriStaff can find you the best employees for positions ranging from entry-level staff to mid-level managers.


AmeriStaff provides a “try-before-you-commit” service that allows you to benefit from an employees’s services while evaluating that person to see if the fit is right. After the evaluation period, if you and the employee are happy with the match, there is no additional fee..

AmeriStaff Direct

Ameristaff’s Direct hire program can provide the regular, full-time employee for a highly productive work relationship. We offer a full complement of services – extensive searches, in-depth interviews, complete behavioral and skills assessments and presentations of highly qualified candidates.


We can bring our administrative services directly to a client’s work site. Our services include worker check-in, paycheck delivery and distribution, performance counseling and issue resolution.

On-Location Staffing Programs

For large or multiple work site staffing needs, AmeriStaff can provide you with a customized, On-Location plan. Our On-Location managers will shoulder the responsibilities of oversight, reporting and continuous quality improvement. With day-to-day personal oversight, our managers will be able to maintain an optimum, flexible level of staffing for your company.

Advanced Evaluations

For sensitive positions, Ameristaff can conduct fee-based substance abuse analysis and advanced background screenings. A client may also request additional customized assessments to meet specific needs.