Tax Info:  Did you know your AmeriStaff W2 is available ONLINE?!!  It’s easy to get.  Opt-in to receive an online W2 by going to the Employee Portal and selecting online W2.  Print your W2 without having to wait to receive it in the mail.  If you’ve moved or have a different email address than what you provided to AmeriStaff, please contact us.

Attendance Policy: Once you are put on an assignment by AmeriStaff you are expected to fulfill the obligations set forth for that assignment. The first 90 days of employment are considered a probationary period, therefore, you are not allowed absences. Good attendance is mandatory during this period. If there is an emergency during this time and you are unable to go into work, you must contact both AmeriStaff and the company where you have been assigned. This must  be done a minimum of 2 hours before your shift is scheduled to start.  Our phone lines are monitored for voice mails.  If you contact your AmeriStaff branch to report an attendance issue and do not speak to anyone directly, you must leave a voice mail.  Our phones also receive text messages so you may report your attendance issue via text to your AmeriStaff branch.

Employee Updating:  Updating your contact information is a requirement and responsibility as an employee of AmeriStaff.  You can do this through the Employee Portal.  Through the portal, you can change your address, your phone number, and your email address.  You can also check in “Available” for job openings!  We need to be able to contact you at any time to inform you of job/pay changes or issues so please let us know if you need help using the Employee Portal.  It’s an easy way to manage your contact information and availability status with AmeriStaff.

Paycheck Stubs:  Paycheck stubs and W2s are available from our Employee Portal on our website.  Your username and temporary password are emailed to the email address on file with AmeriStaff after your first paycheck.  Be sure to copy and paste the temporary password into the password field (typing it in will not work).  Once you are logged in, you can change the temporary password.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

Pay Day: Pay is available via direct deposit or wage card on a weekly basis every Thursday. It is your obligation to notify AmeriStaff of  how you want to receive your pay.  For direct deposit, please provide a voided check or other pre-printed bank document.

Reporting Time:  Pay periods run from Sunday through Saturday.  Employees should time in and out on a time sheet or use an electronic time clock (if available) to ensure that proper timekeeping has been maintained for the hours worked.  Your department manager will need a copy of your hours worked each week so that they can turn in time sheets to AmeriStaff every Monday.

Insurance Open Enrollment:  Open enrollment for those employees who wish to opt-in or modify their healthcare options typically takes place in mid-January each year and lasts through mid-February If you have questions about modifying your insurance through AmeriStaff, please contact your AmeriStaff branch or Essential Staffcare.

On-the-Job-Injury: Safety is very important to AmeriStaff and the clients we serve. If you are injured at work, you must report the injury to your supervisor immediately as well as to AmeriStaff. This needs to be done whether or not you believe it will require any kind of medical attention, because it may in the future. In the event of an injury or near miss, contact AmeriStaff as we have specific doctors and hospitals that we use. If you are seen by anyone else it may negate the claim.