Who do I contact about my health insurance?

Ameristaff provides health insurance through Essential Staffcare.

Once you enroll, it may take 3-4 weeks for the health insurance to process.  Once you see your payment come out of your check, then your health insurance will be active on the following Monday.  Essential Staffcare will send your insurance cards to the address you listed on the form.  If you don’t see the payment come out after 4 weeks, please contact Essential Staffcare, or your local branch.

*If you want to CANCEL your insurance, please contact Essential Staffcare:  1-800-269-7783, and provide the following pin code: 400 + last 4 digits of social security number.

Essential Staffcare: (866) 798-0803

The following are the providers Essential Staffcare uses:

Health Insurance:

  • First Health Network
  • 1-800-226-5116
  • firsthealth.com

Dental Insurance:

  • DenteMax
  • 1-800-752-1547
  • dentemax.com

Vision Insurance:

  • Eye Med Vision Care
  • 866-559-5252
  • eyemedvisioncare.com

Prescription Network:

  • Caremark
  • 888-963-7290
  • Caremark.com




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