Who do I contact about my AmeriStaff Prepaid Technologies paycard?

Ameristaff offers paycards through Prepaid Technologies for employees without bank accounts.

Employees who opt-in for the paycard must pick up their temporary paycard in their local Ameristaff office after they have worked at least one shift.

Prepaid Technologies will mail you a paycard with your first and last name on it after you have received 2 deposits onto your paycard from Ameristaff.

It is IMPORTANT to keep your address up-to-date, so if there are any changes, please contact Prepaid Technologies AND Ameristaff.

If you lose your paycard, please call Prepaid Technologies so they can order you a new one.

Prepaid Technologies:  1-888-621-1397

Account Access

Here are some important documents regarding your paycard:

Prepaid Technologies Card Fees

Prepaid Technologies Cardholder Agreement

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