About Us

AmeriStaff Inc. is a full-service staffing provider. We will provide the highest level of service possible and take complete ownership and accountability in providing workers for you and your facility. AmeriStaff’s major role as your dedicated staffing partner is to advertise, recruit, qualify, identify and introduce prospective workers.

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Looking for Employees?

Every AmeriStaff client begins with a complete Needs Analysis. The Needs Analysis helps us learn your top business priorities. We work to understand your business and your challenges.

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Fulfilling Careers

When you work for AmeriStaff, we try to match you with something in your area of expertise. Alternatively, we ask that you call us on a regular basis to check for available jobs.

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Locations Near You

AmeriStaff has 5 total locations, including our main corporate office, stretching from Kansas City, Missouri to Evansville, Indiana. Find what job openings are near you!

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